Airfix Locomotive Series

(Originally Kitmaster Kits)


0-4-0 Saddle Tank


J94 Saddle Tank



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Evening Star


Schools Class


Battle of Britain


City of Truro


Prairie Tank

BR Mogul 


Locomotive Boxes


Nabisco Promotions

Ariel Arrow


Kitmaster was bought in 1962 by Airfix who then released 9 of their original Locomotive Kits starting in 1963.

They were issued in the Type 3 Box with the "Airfix-OO" white panel on a full size illustration. These boxes lasted from 1963 to 1973

Airfix made changes to the original Kitmaster models, such as rivet detail, steps and vacuum hoses. The Kitmaster couplings was changing to the coupling that Airfix used for its own Rolling Stock range.