Airfix Model Railways

Introduction to the Site

This Site is dedicated to the range of Airfix plastic railway model kits of the late 50's and 60's and the short lived Airfix Railway System of the late 70's and early 80's.

The Site is aimed at collectors and those interested in the items and the memories they may re-kindle. The Site is completely my own, and is done for no commercial gain. It is purely my attempt to share my hobby and interest with others and try and provide a photographic record of the railway products manufactured under the Airfix banner.

To many of us in the early 60's who had a "Train Set", in my case Tri-ang, the Airfix range of plastic rolling stock kits and trackside items provided a way to increase the size of the layout and help dress the railway with line-side items at an affordable price. Many of us also built the Trains and Ships that Airfix made.

 In the late 70's, the introduction of the Airfix Railway System brought a standard of modelling and detail that was a major leap forward in the quality of the models available at that time. They along with Palitoy's Mainline range gave a boost to the hobby and woke up Hornby who joined the challenge and made major improvements to their own range.

Although the system only lasted four years under the Airfix banner, many of the models lived on under the Mainline then Dapol and finally Hornby name.

Dave McCarthy, Cardiff.