Airfix Model Railway Kits

1957 - 1984


Airfix first produced items in their OO Gauge Trackside Series of construction kits in 1957. They were the Signal Box, Country Inn, Bungalow, General Store and Detached House. They were sold in plastic bags with folded card headers. Twenty Six of them were issued in the first four years.

In 1960 the Esso Tank Wagon and Railbus kits became the first in the rolling stock range. They were issued in cardboard boxes with a full size picture of the vehicle on the lid and a distinctive vertical colour stripe running through it (these came to be known as "Type 2" boxes) There were eventually eleven models in this range.

In 1962 Airfix bought Kitmaster and their range of model railway rolling stock kits. Over the next few years, ten of the Locomotives were released as Airfix models, the remaining Kitmaster models were never re-released.

In 1963 the packaging was changed to the "Type 3" design with the white oblong panel with "Airfix OO"

In 1984 Airfix sold all the rolling stock, trackside accessories and railway buildings range to Dapol, they have re-released these and they can still be bought from them.


1957 1958

Signal Box

Country Inn


General Store

Detached House

Service Station

Kiosk And Platform Steps

Booking Hall

Platform Fittings

Station Accessories

Thatched Cottage

Station Platform


Shop And Flat

Village Church


Platform Figures

Control Tower


1959 1960

Signal Gantry

Platform Canopy

Trackside Accessories

Level Crossing

Fencing & Gates

Telephone Poles

Girder Bridge

Travelling Crane


Esso Tank Wagon

Water Tower

Engine Shed






Mineral Wagon

Brake Van

Cattle Wagon

Cement Wagon

15 ton Diesel Crane


Meat Van

Refrigerated Van

Scammel Scarab



1963 1964


Diesel Shunter


Prestwin Silo Wagon