Airfix Railway System

Introduction from the First Edition Catalogue 1976



Over the years we at Airfix have

built up a reputation among model

enthusiasts. A reputation for greater

accuracy, better realism and more

detail. Take a close look at the Airfix

Railway System and our experience


All the British locomotives are

scaled from original GWR Swindon

and British Rail drawings. Every

attention has been paid to detail

and authenticity and this also goes

for our North American locomotives

and rolling stock. Livery is equally

important and great attention has

been paid to reproducing the colour

schemes from the past as well as

those used at present.


Airfix locomotives and rolling stock         wheels are made to the closes manufacturing tolerances.

Airfix coach and rolling stock have           plastic wheels on carbon steel axles.

Airfix coach and rolling stock have

needle bearings on the wheel axles

and frames to give free running.

Airfix bogey material is designed for         free-running axles.

Airfix couplers are compatible with

most other leading British couplers.

Airfix couplers can be automatically



Airfix wheels are made concentric    to the closest manufacturing tolerances


We put our locomotives to the test

before you do.

All our specially designed

motors are inspected at each stage

of manufacture and tested again

when they are installed. They are

load-tested on a 7 gradient and

line tested to check traction force.

Designed to give scale hauling

and handling characteristics, the

motors are 5-pole armature double-

magnet types and are 12 volt D.C,

rated at 1/2 amp. The current

consumption under load is 0.35

amps. The ring-field motors fitted to

the 'HO' scale "Jupiter" and "119"

locomotives are 3-pole types, still

retaining smooth take-offs and low-

power consumption characteristics.

Airfix locomotives are designed

to have the correct weight-to-

traction ratio and the motors have

self-lubricating bearings with

carbon graphite brush contacts

which are replaceable.


Airfix locomotives and rolling stock

are finished in quality paints.

Airfix paint finish is authentic to

applicable British Rail and GWR





Air-fix paint finish is clean and well

applied to the correct B.R. painting diagrams.

Airfix use new printing techniques to

give finer detail paint jobs.

Airfix steam locomotive wheels are

plated to give positive wheel-to-

track contact and smooth running.

Airfix Diesel locomotives have

nickel-plated brass wheels giving

positive electrical rail contact and

authentic colour.

Airfix wheel sets are precision-

moulded in black and balanced to

give free-running performance in

needle bearings.



Keeping on the right track.

The Airfix Railway System track

has been specially manufactured to

the highest standards and precision

by PECO. A new formula metal alloy

gives improved conductivity and

minimises corrosion, and stainless

steel connectors are used to align

the track and conduct current. The

rails are moulded into the sleepers

giving rigid/firm sections and the

sleepers are finely detailed for

extra realism.

The Airfix Track System allows

layout flexibility with extensions and

can be fixed in position in

permanent layouts using standard

pin-tacks. Airfix points are smooth

acting with short non-conducting


sections and can be motorised.

Airfix Rail is to code 100 scale profile.




Only the Airfix Railway System

offers you a range of railway

construction kits designed to add

greater realism and authenticity to

an ambitious working railway

layout, be it large or small. On

pages 14-17 the railway modeller

will find a kit of outstanding detail

that can only enhance the pleasure

of operating the Airfix Railway